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General information

Lists annexed to the ITU Operational Bulletin

A. The following Lists have been published by TSB or BR as Annexes to the ITU Operational Bulletin:

OB No.
1199 List of International Signalling Point Codes (ISPC) (according to ITU-T Q.708 (1999-03)) (position on 2020-06-30 22:00:00 UTC)
1162 Mobile Network Codes (MNC) for the international identification plan for public networks and subscriptions (according to ITU-T E.212 (2016-09)) (position on 2018-12-15 00:00:00 UTC)
1161 List of Issuer Identifier Numbers for the International Telecommunication Charge Card (according to ITU-T E.118 (2006-05)) (position on 2018-12-01)
1154 Status of Radiocommunications between Amateur Stations of different Countries (in accordance with optional provision No. 25.1 of the Radio Regulations) and Form of Call Signs assigned by each Administration to its Amateur and Experimental Stations (position on 2018-08-15)
1125 List of terrestrial trunk radio mobile country codes (according to ITU-T E.218 (2004-5)) (position on 2017-06-01 00:00:00 UTC)
1125 List of Signalling Area/Network Codes (SANC) (according to ITU-T Q.708 (1999-03)) (position on 2017-06-01 00:00:00 UTC)
1117 List of mobile country or geographical area codes (according to ITU-T E.212 (2016-09)) (position on 2017-02-01 00:00:00 UTC)
1114 List of Recommendation ITU-T E.164 Assigned Country Codes (according to ITU-T E.164 (2010-11)) (position on 2016-12-15)
1096 Legal time 2016
1073 Legal time 2015
1060 List of ITU Carrier Codes (according to ITU-T M.1400 (2013-03)) (position on 2014-09-15 00:00:00 UTC)
1049 Legal time 2014
1027 Legal time 2013
1015 List of Access codes/numbers for mobile networks (according to ITU-T E.164 (2010-11)) (position on 2012-11-01 00:00:00 UTC)
1002 List of Country or Geographical Area Codes for non standard facilities in telematic services (according to ITU-T T.35 (2000-02)) (position on 2012-04-12 00:00:00 UTC)
1001 List of the national authorities designated to assign ITU-T Recommendation T.35 terminal provider codes (according to ITU-T T.35 (2000-02)) (position on 2012-04-15 00:00:00 UTC)
1000 Service Restrictions (Recapitulatory list of service restrictions in force relating to telecommunications operation) (position on 2012-03-15 00:00:00 UTC)
999 Legal time 2012
994 Dialling Procedures (International prefix, national (trunk) prefix and national (significant) number) (according to ITU-T E.164 (2010-11)) (position on 2011-12-15 00:00:00 UTC)
991 Call-Back and alternative calling procedures (position on 2011-11-01 00:00:00 UTC)
980 List of Telegram Destination Indicators (according to ITU-T F.32 (1995-10)) (position on 2011-05-15 00:00:00 UTC)
978 List of Telex Destination Codes (TDC) and Telex Network Identification Codes (TNIC) (position on 2011-04-15 00:00:00 UTC)
977 List of Data Network Identification Codes (DNIC) (according to ITU-T X.121 (2000/10)) (position on 2011-01-01 00:00:00 UTC)
976 List of Data Country or Geographical Area Codes (according to ITU-T X.121 (2000/10)) (position on 2011-03-15 00:00:00 UTC)
974 List of Names of Administration Management Domains (ADMD) (according to ITU-T F.400) (position on 2011-02-15 00:00:00 UTC)
955 Various tones used in national networks (according to ITU-T E.180 (1998-3)) (position on 2010-05-01 00:00:00 UTC)
669 Five-letter Code Groups for the use of the International Public Telegram Service (according to ITU-T F.1 (1998-3))

B. The following Lists are available online from the ITU-T website:

Approval of ITU-T Recommendations

By AAP-95, it was announced that the following ITU-T Recommendations were approved, in accordance with the procedures outlined in Recommendation ITU-T A.8:

  • ITU-T G.8051/Y.1345 (11/2020): Management aspects of the Ethernet Transport (ET) capable network element
  • ITU-T K.34 (11/2020): Classification of electromagnetic environmental conditions for telecommunication equipment – Basic EMC Recommendation
  • ITU-T K.35 (11/2020): Bonding configurations and earthing at remote electronic sites
  • ITU-T K.44 (2019) Cor 1 (11/2020)
  • ITU-T K.50 (2018) Cor 1 (11/2020)
  • ITU-T K.70 (11/2020): Mitigation techniques to limit human exposure to EMFs in the vicinity of radiocommunication stations
  • ITU-T K.78 (11/2020): High altitude electromagnetic pulse immunity guide for telecommunication centres
  • ITU-T K.91 (11/2020): Guidance for assessment, evaluation and monitoring of human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields
  • ITU-T K.145 (11/2020): Assessment and management of compliance with radio frequency electromagnetic field exposure limits for workers at radiocommunication sites and facilities
  • ITU-T K.148 (11/2020): Multiservice surge protective device application guide
  • ITU-T K.149 (11/2020): Passive intermodulation test methods of array antenna systems in mobile communication systems
  • ITU-T K.150 (11/2020): Information of semiconductor devices required for the design of telecommunication equipment applying soft error mitigation measures
  • ITU-T L.1031 (11/2020): Guideline on implementing the e-waste reduction target of the Connect 2020 Agenda
  • ITU-T L.1304 (11/2020): Procurement criteria for sustainable data centres
  • ITU-T Q.3060 (11/2020): Signalling architecture of fast deployment emergency telecommunication networks to be used in a natural disaster
  • ITU-T X.1046 (11/2020): Framework of software-defined security in software-defined networks/network functions virtualization networks
  • ITU-T Y.3802 (11/2020): Quantum key distribution networks – Functional architecture
  • ITU-T Y.3803 (11/2020): Quantum key distribution networks – Key management
  • ITU-T Y.4211 (11/2020): Accessibility requirements for smart public transport services

Extra-territorial use of Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) (According to Recommendation ITU-T E.212 (09/2016) – Annex E)

Note from TSB*

Pursuant to Annex E to Recommendation ITU-T E.212, the Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR) of Luxembourg, and the Institut Belge des Services Postaux & des Télécommunications (IBPT) of Belgium, have notified to TSB that MCC+MNC 270 99 will be used extra-territorially.


*     See current ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1211 of 1.I.2021, page 11

Telephone Service

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation E.164

Malta +356

Communication of 7.XII.2020

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) , Floriana, announces an update of the National Numbering Plan (NNP) of Malta. The main numbering ranges are:




Numbering Ranges



2100 ‒ 2399 XXXX

2500 ‒ 2599 XXXX


2700 ‒ 2799 XXXX

2010 ‒ 2018 XXXX

2060 XXXX

2065 XXXX


2031 ‒ 2034 XXXX


2090 ‒ 2099 XXXX


GO Mobile

7900 ‒ 7999 XXXX

9889 XXXX

7210 XXXX


9900 ‒ 9999 XXXX

9897 XXXX

9210 ‒ 9211 XXXX

9231 XXXX

Melita Mobile

7700 ‒ 7799 XXXX

9811 ‒ 9813 XXXX


9696 ‒ 9697 XXXX

M2M/IoT Connectivity Services and other Non-Interpersonal Communications Services


40005 XXXXX


40079 XXXXX


All Administrations and Recognized Operating Agencies (ROAs) are requested to urgently programme their switches to enable immediate access to these numbering ranges.  Furthermore, the National Numbering Plan is updated in real-time and is made available on the MCA website at the following link:

Trinidad and Tobago +1868

Communication of 10.XII.2020

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT), Barataria, announces that the following Central Office codes (CO) have been assigned to an operator in Trinidad and Tobago.

  •  Mobile network

Name of operator

Central Office code (NXX)


Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Limited

250 - 262


Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Limited

430 - 436



International dialling format: +1 868 NXX XXXX

Service Restrictions

Country/geographical area OB
Seychelles 1006 (page 13)
Slovakia 1007 (page 12)
Malaysia 1013 (page 5)
Thailand 1034 (page 5)
São Tomé and Principe 1039 (page 14)
Uruguay 1039 (page 14)
Hong Kong, China 1068 (page 4)
Ukraine 1148 (page 5)

Call-back and alternative calling procedures (Res. 21 Rev. PP-2006)


Abbreviations used in this section


Amd. to List V - List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments



AA10     Australian Maritime College, Locked Bag 1394, Launceston TAS 7250, Australia.

                     E-mail: , Tel: +61 3 6324 9550,

                     Fax: +61 3 6324 9885,

                     Contact Person: Martin Crees-Morris.




AA03    Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), PO Box 10001,

                     Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia.

                     Tel: +61 7 3835 3600, Fax: +61 7 3832 1202.


AA14     Total Marine Services Pty Ltd., PO Box 311, 4 Rous Head Road,

                     North Fremantle WA 6159, Australia.

                     E-mail: , Tel: +61 8 9430 5595,

                     Fax: +61 8 9430 5199, +61 8 9430 5225,

                     Contact Person: Ray Meadowcraft.


AA15    BHP Petroleum Pty Ltd., PO Box 37871, Winnellie NT 0821, Australia.

                     Tel: +61 8 8922 1122, Fax: +61 8 8984 4139.


AA24     Tech Marine W.A. Pty Ltd., P.O. Box 1180, Booragoon, W.A. 6154, Australia.

                     E-mail: , Tel: 0416389369.


CR01     Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (I.C.E.), Sector de Telecomunicaciones, Dirección Servicios Internacionales, Oficina Relaciones con Corresponsales, Sección Liquidaciones, P.O. Box 10032-1000, San José, Costa Rica.

                     E-mail: , Tel: +506 2247001,

                     Fax: +506 2349741, +506 2534545.

                     Contact person: Eugenia Jarquín Anchía.

Amd. to List of Issuer Identifier Numbers for the International Telecommunication Charge Card

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation E.118 (2006-05)

Position amended originally published as annex to ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1161 — 1.XII.2018

(Annex to ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1161 – 1.XII.2018) (Amendment No. 40)


Malta        LIR


geographical area

Company Name/Address

Issuer Identifier Number




Level 6, Skyparks Business Centre,

Malta International Airport

LUQA, LQA 4000

89 356 01

Dr Nicholas Borg

Level 6, Skyparks Business Centre,

Malta International Airport

LUQA, LQA 4000

Tel:       +356 9999 0927 /               +356 9909 2121



GO p.l.c.

Fra Diegu Street


89 356 21

Fabian Grima

Fra Diegu Street


Tel:       +356 2594 2522


Amd. to Mobile Network Codes (MNC) for the international identification plan for public networks and subscriptions

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation E.212 (2016-09)

Position amended originally published as annex to ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1162 — 15.XII.2018

Country/Geographical area



Estonia    ADD



248 21

Tismi B.V.

Malta    LIR



278 01

Epic Communications Ltd

278 77

Melita Ltd


Extra-territorial use*** of MCC/MNC, Annex E to Recommendation ITU-T E.212


Country or Geographical Area


MSIN** range to be used

Operators Name


(Country A)

270 99

270 99 000 x xxx xxx

Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A.


(Country B – Where the MCC+MNC is to be used extra-territorially)

270 99

270 99 860 x xxx xxx

Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A..

*            MCC:      Mobile Country Code / Indicatif de pays du mobile / Indicativo de país para el servicio móvil

              MNC:     Mobile Network Code / Code de réseau mobile / Indicativo de red para el servicio móvil

**          MSIN:     Mobile Subscription Identification Number / numéro d'identification d'abonnement mobile / número de identificación de suscripción al servicio móvil

***        As defined in Annex E to Recommendation ITU-T E.212, extra-territorial use of an MCC+MNC is the term used to describe the situation where an MCC+MNC that has been assigned to an operator in one country, Country A, is used in another country, Country B, through a base station established in Country B.

Amd. to List of International Signalling Point Codes (ISPC)

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation Q.708 (1999-03)

Position amended originally published as annex to ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1199 — 1.VII.2020

Country/ Geographical Area

Unique name of the signalling point

Name of the signalling point operator



Malta    LIR




Epic Communications Ltd




Epic Communications Ltd




Melita Ltd – Mobile




Melita Ltd – Mobile




Epic Communications Ltd




Epic Communications Ltd




Epic Communications Ltd




Epic Communications Ltd




Melita Ltd

Ukraine    SUP




PrJSC "Farlep-Invest"

United States    SUP



Los Angeles (2),CA

China Telecom (Americas) Corporation



Los Angeles,CA

China Telecom (Americas) Corporation



Los Angeles, CA

China Telecom (USA) Corporation


ISPC:      International Signalling Point Codes.

              Codes de points sémaphores internationaux (CPSI).

              Códigos de puntos de señalización internacional (CPSI).

Amd. to National Numbering Plan

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation E.129 (2013-01)

Administrations are requested to notify ITU about their national numbering plan changes, or to give an explanation on their webpage concerning the national numbering plan as well as their contact points, so that the information, which will be made available freely to all administrations/ROAs and service providers, can be posted on the ITU-T website.

For their numbering website, or when sending their information to ITU/TSB (e-mail: ), administrations are kindly requested to use the format as explained in Recommendation ITU-T E.129. They are reminded that they will be responsible for the timely update of this information.

From 1.XII.2020, the following countries/geographical areas have updated their national numbering plan on our site:


Country/ Geographical area

Country Code (CC)