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Dates of publication of the next Operational Bulletins

No. Publication date Including information received by
1048 15.III.2014 3.III.2014
1049 1.IV.2014 18.III.2014
1050 15.IV.2014 1.IV.2014
1051 1.V.2014 15.IV.2014
1052 15.V.2014 1.V.2014
1053 1.VI.2014 19.V.2014
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1055 1.VII.2014 17.VI.2014
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1057 1.VIII.2014 18.VII.2014
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1059 1.IX.2014 18.VIII.2014
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1061 1.X.2014 17.IX.2014
1062 15.X.2014 1.X.2014
1063 1.XI.2014 20.X.2014
1064 15.XI.2014 3.XI.2014
1065 1.XII.2014 17.XI.2014
1066 15.XII.2014 1.XII.2014
1067 1.I.2015 11.XII.2014
1068 15.I.2015 1.I.2015
1069 1.II.2015 19.I.2015
1070 15.II.2015 2.II.2015
1071 1.III.2015 16.II.2015
1072 15.III.2015 2.III.2015

General information

Lists annexed to the ITU Operational Bulletin

A. The following Lists have been published by TSB or BR as Annexes to the ITU Operational Bulletin:

OB No.
1040 List of Issuer Identifier Numbers for the International Telecommunication Charge Card (according to ITU-T E.118 (2006-05)) (position on 2013-11-14 23:00:00 UTC)
1033 List of International Signalling Point Codes (ISPC) (according to ITU-T Q.708 (1999-03)) (position on 2013-07-31 22:00:00 UTC)
1028 List of Signalling Area/Network Codes (SANC) (according to ITU-T Q.708 (1999-03)) (position on 2013-05-14 22:00:00 UTC)
1027 Legal time 2013
1019 Mobile Network Codes (MNC) for the international identification plan for public networks and subscriptions (according to ITU-T E.212 (2016-09)) (position on 2012-12-31 23:00:00 UTC)
1015 List of Access codes/numbers for mobile networks (according to ITU-T E.164 (2010-11)) (position on 2012-11-01 00:00:00 UTC)
1002 List of Country or Geographical Area Codes for non standard facilities in telematic services (according to ITU-T T.35 (2000-02)) (position on 2012-04-12 00:00:00 UTC)
1001 List of the national authorities designated to assign ITU-T Recommendation T.35 terminal provider codes (according to ITU-T T.35 (2000-02)) (position on 2012-04-15 00:00:00 UTC)
1000 Service Restrictions (Recapitulatory list of service restrictions in force relating to telecommunications operation) (position on 2012-03-15 00:00:00 UTC)
999 Legal time 2012
994 Dialling Procedures (International prefix, national (trunk) prefix and national (significant) number) (according to ITU-T E.164 (2010-11)) (position on 2011-12-15 00:00:00 UTC)
991 Call-Back and alternative calling procedures (position on 2011-11-01 00:00:00 UTC)
991 List of Recommendation ITU-T E.164 Assigned Country Codes (according to ITU-T E.164 (2010-11)) (position on 2011-11-01 00:00:00 UTC)
981 List of ITU Carrier Codes (according to ITU-T M.1400 (2013-03)) (position on 2011-05-31 22:00:00 UTC)
980 List of Telegram Destination Indicators (according to ITU-T F.32 (1995-10)) (position on 2011-05-15 00:00:00 UTC)
978 List of Telex Destination Codes (TDC) and Telex Network Identification Codes (TNIC) (position on 2011-04-15 00:00:00 UTC)
977 List of Data Network Identification Codes (DNIC) (according to ITU-T X.121 (2000/10)) (position on 2011-01-01 00:00:00 UTC)
976 List of Data Country or Geographical Area Codes (according to ITU-T X.121 (2000/10)) (position on 2011-03-15 00:00:00 UTC)
974 List of Names of Administration Management Domains (ADMD) (according to ITU-T F.400) (position on 2011-02-15 00:00:00 UTC)
972 List of terrestrial trunk radio mobile country codes (according to ITU-T E.218 (2004-5)) (position on 2011-01-14 23:00:00 UTC)
968 Status of Radiocommunications between Amateur Stations of different Countries (in accordance with optional provision No. 25.1 of the Radio Regulations) and Form of Call Signs assigned by each Administration to its Amateur and Experimental Stations (position on 2010-11-14 23:00:00 UTC)
955 Various tones used in national networks (according to ITU-T E.180 (1998-3)) (position on 2010-05-01 00:00:00 UTC)
669 Five-letter Code Groups for the use of the International Public Telegram Service (according to ITU-T F.1 (1998-3))

B. The following Lists are available online from the ITU-T website:

Approval of ITU-T Recommendations

By AAP-28, it was announced that the following ITU-T Recommendations were approved, in accordance with the procedures outlined in Recommendation ITU-T A.8:

  • ITU-T E.804 (01/2014): Quality of service aspects for popular services in mobile networks
  • ITU-T E.807 (01/2014): Definitions, associated measurement methods and guidance targets of user-centric parameters for call handling in cellular mobile voice service
  • ITU-T F.746.2 (01/2014): Service description for user data exchange between functional components in network entities and terminals
  • ITU-T G.107 (01/2014): The E-model: a computational model for use in transmission planning
  • ITU-T G.1029 (01/2014): Voice service diagnosis framework
  • ITU-T G.1030 (01/2014): Estimating end-to-end performance in IP networks for data applications
  • ITU-T G.1031 (01/2014): QoE factors in web-browsing
  • ITU-T H.264 (V9) (01/2014): Advanced video coding for generic audiovisual services
  • ITU-T K.58 (01/2014): EMC, resistibility and safety requirements and guidance for determining responsibility under co-located information and communication technology installations
  • ITU-T K.95 (01/2014): Surge parameters of isolating transformers used in telecommunication devices and equipment
  • ITU-T K.96 (01/2014): Surge protective components: Overview of surge mitigation functions and technologies
  • ITU-T K.97 (01/2014): Lightning protection of distributed base stations
  • ITU-T L.1005 (01/2014): Test suites for assessment of the universal charger solution
  • ITU-T L.1010 (01/2014): Green battery solutions for mobile phones and other hand-held information and communication technology devices
  • ITU-T L.1340 (01/2014): Informative values on the energy efficiency of telecommunication equipment
  • ITU-T P.381 (01/2014): Technical requirements and test methods for the universal wired headset or headphone interface of digital mobile terminals
  • ITU-T P.581 (01/2014): Use of head and torso simulator for hands-free and handset terminal testing
  • ITU-T P.806 (01/2014): A subjective quality test methodology using multiple rating scales
  • ITU-T P.1501 (01/2014): Subjective testing methodology for web browsing

Extra-territorial use of Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC)

(According to Recommendation ITU-T E.212 (05/2008) – Annex E)

Note from TSB*

Pursuant to Annex E to Recommendation ITU-T E.212, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) of Sweden, and the Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority (OPTA) of the Netherlands, have notified to TSB the withdrawal of the extra-territorial use of MCC+MNC 240 07.


*     See current ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1047 of 1.III.2014, page 9 .

Telephone Service

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation E.164

Chile +56

Communication of 12.II.2014

The Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones de Chile (Subtel), Santiago de Chile, announces that on 15 February 2014, there will be a change in the fixed telephony in Chile. The modification consists of adding a "2" to numbers particularly rural company CTR.

Dial: Now:        56 2196 XXXX New:        56 2196 2 XXXX

Denmark +45

Communication of 12.II.2014

The Danish Business Authority , Copenhagen, announces the following changes to the Danish telephone numbering plan:

  • assignment – mobile communication service 


Numbering series

Date of assignment







SimService A/S



  •  assignment – fixed communication service


Numbering series

Date of assignment




  •  withdrawal – fixed communication service 


Numbering series

Date of withdrawal

Verizon Denmark A/S



  • withdrawal – carrier select code


Numbering series

Date of withdrawal

Siminn Danmark A/S



Other communications


Communication of 12.II.2014:

On the occasion of the International Marconi-Day, the Austrian Administration authorizes an Austrian amateur station to use the special call sign OE14M from 25 to 27 April 2014.


Communications of 10.II.2014:

On the occasion of the 120 years of the establishment of the primary school "VOJVODA STEPA" in Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia authorizes a number of Serbian amateur radio stations to use the special call sign YU120STEPA from 1  to 31 March 2014.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Cer, the Republic of Serbia authorizes a number of Serbian amateur radio stations to use the special call sign YU100CER from 1 March to 31 December 2014.

Service Restrictions

Country/geographical area OB
Seychelles 1006 (page 13)
Slovakia 1007 (page 12)
Thailand 1034 (page 5)
São Tomé and Principe 1039 (page 14)
Uruguay 1039 (page 14)

Call-back and alternative calling procedures (Res. 21 Rev. PP-2006)


Abbreviations used in this section


Amd. to List V - List of Ship Stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments


UX02        MSRS Branch of SE USPA, 1, Lanjeronovskaya Street, Odessa 65026, Ukraine.

              Tel.: +380 48 7854461, Fax: +380 48 7854461,

                      E-Mail: , ,

                      Contact Person: Natalia Platzerova


MC01      Monaco Telecom, 25, Boulevard de Suisse, MC-98000 Monaco Cédex, Monaco.

              Tel.: +377 99666300, Fax: +377 99666301, E-Mail: ,

              Contact Person: Andrea Masnata, Tel: +377 99666334

Amd. no. 23 to Mobile Network Codes (MNC) for the international identification plan for public networks and subscriptions

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation E.212 (2016-09)

Position amended originally published as annex to ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1019 — 1.I.2013

Sweden   SUP  (extra-territorial use of MCC/MNC, Annex E to ITU-T Recommendation E.212)



Name of operator(s) Countries A and B

Country B – where the MCC/MNC is to be used extra-territorially

MSIN range to be used in Country A

MSIN range to be used in Country B

240 07

Tele 2 Sverige AB

The Netherlands

The range dedicated for the Netherlands will not be used in Sweden

6680000000 – 6689999999 (The Netherlands)


Country/Geographical area           MCC+MNC *        Operator/Network

Estonia   ADD

                                                248 09               Bravo Telecom OÜ

Faroe Islands   SUP

                                                288 03               Edge Mobile Sp/F

Netherlands   SUP

                                                240 07               Tele2 Sverige AB

Sweden   SUP

                                                240 07               Tele2 Sverige AB

Yemen   ADD

                                                421 04               Y-Telecom


*    MCC:   Country Code / Indicatif de pays du mobile / Indicativo de país para el servicio móvil

     MNC:   Network Code / Code de réseau mobile / Indicativo de red para el servicio móvil

Amd. no. 26 to List of ITU Carrier Codes

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation M.1400 (2013-03)

Position amended originally published as annex to ITU Operational Bulletin No. 981 — 1.VI.2011

Country or area/ISO code

Company Code


  Company Name/Address

(carrier code)



Germany (República Federal de) / DEU     ADD

Germany (Federal Republic of) / DEU



BiTel Gesellschaft fuer Telekommunikation mbH


Mr. Michael Jesdinsky

Berliner Strasse 260


Tel:          + 49 521 51 7753

33330 Guetersloh


Fax:         + 49 521 51 7766




Germany (Federal Republic of) / DEU



Colt Technology Services GmbH


Mrs. Sabine Hennig

Herriotstrasse 4


Tel:          + 49 69 56606 6528

60528 Frankfurt


Fax:         + 49 69 56606 1200




Germany (Federal Republic of) / DEU



DOKOM Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH


Mr. Christoph Meckel

Stockholmer Allee 24


Tel:          + 49 231 930 4471

44269 Dortmund


Fax:         + 49 231 930 9300




Germany (Federal Republic of) / DEU



HFO Telecom Vertriebs GmbH


Mrs. Stefanie Krause

Bahnhofstrasse 18


Tel:          + 49 9281 1448 100

95028 Hof


Fax:         + 49 9281 1448 123


Germany (Federal Republic of) / DEU






Sudetenstrasse 10


Tel:          + 49 800 8888200

38239 Salzgitter


Fax:         + 49 800 8888188




Amd. no. 13 to List of International Signalling Point Codes (ISPC)

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation Q.708 (1999-03)

Position amended originally published as annex to ITU Operational Bulletin No. 1033 — 1.VIII.2013

Country/ Geographical Area

Unique name of the signalling point

Name of the signalling point operator



Estonia    ADD




Bravo Telecom OÜ




Nord Connect OÜ

Faroe Islands    SUP




Edge Mobile Sp/f




Edge Mobile Sp/f


ISPC:      International Signalling Point Codes.

              Codes de points sémaphores internationaux (CPSI).

              Códigos de puntos de señalización internacional (CPSI).

Amd. to National Numbering Plan

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation E.129 (2013-01)

Administrations are requested to notify ITU about their national numbering plan changes, or to give an explanation on their webpage concerning the national numbering plan as well as their contact points, so that the information, which will be made available freely to all administrations/ROAs and service providers, can be posted on the ITU-T website.

For their numbering website, or when sending their information to ITU/TSB (e-mail: ), administrations are kindly requested to use the format as explained in  Recommendation ITU-T E.129. They are reminded that they will be responsible for the timely update of this information.

From 1.II.2014 the following countries have updated their national numbering plan on our site:



Country Code (CC)

Burkina Faso


Costa Rica



+883 (5130)